Who are we

Brezac Artifices is a family company that was founded by Edmond Brezac in 1964. It specialises in making fireworks and staging musical fireworks shows. Thanks to its network, it has a presence in every French region, as well as internationally. Its products are subject to in-house quality control implemented by its laboratory, which has accreditation from COFRAC (the French Accreditation Committee). Since 1992, fireworks technicians have been trained at its training centre, which is authorised by the French Ministry of Industry.

Following local expansion after it was founded, the company ramped up by establishing itself regionally in the South-West of France and then at national level from the early 1980s onwards. The company began winning international contracts from the 90s onwards as a result of shows for prestigious events such as the 50th anniversary of the independence of Indonesia in Djakarta, which had an audience of over 1 million people, and the Europe Day celebration at the Romanian Parliament Palace in Bucharest.
We seek out new effects on an ongoing basis, releasing over 100 new references on the market every year. We also continually invest in the latest firing technologies, as well as in specific structures for fireworks products, and in the machinery that provides supplementary effects to the fireworks.